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I'm tired of magazines telling me what is "trending" and what isn't. For myself, I could never listen to that, I need to follow my own beat. As you can see my Toronto Law jersey dances to its own drum, and no, I did not go to law school.

Pleats will be in for the rest of my life, so when I saw this adorable pleat skirt, I grabbed it. When I was in Arizona, on my way out of the boutique I saw it had a twin, only in navy blue, same size, the lady gave them to me for a dollar each. The shoes I wore during my graduation, and the bag is a piece I found at Aldo on sale! I was in need of a solid coloured bag, and blue always makes me feel better.

This outfit it super girly, with a hint of tomboy hidden gracefully in the pleats. I love this outfit, its totally me!

Blue is my favourite colour.

Shirt: Salvation Army
Skirt : Vintage from Arizona
Bag : Aldo
Shoes : Payless
 x - the Collector

Photo's by The Weekenders Fashion Blog 

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