I had a lot of fun with this look. Bit sassy I may say, I feel naked, well I am naked. Remember when Rihanna wore that nude dress to the music awards or whatever, well, I'm doing the same thing, except I'm not wearing a thong under.

The nude dress I found while walking in Chinatown. I saw it in a shop window and thought that I might try it. It's a great slouchy for those days around the house, or can be sauced up for a night on the town.

The heels are a bit much, but whose counting, I love these puppies. I only wear them on occasion and find that no matter where I wear them, I always get complements.

Necklace is from Anice jewellery in Kensington Market and the dress/overcoat I purchased in a thrift shop in Parksville.

The whole outfit, I must say, is how do you say; Mother not approving!

x - the Collector 

photo's by Angelic Vendette  

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