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Ex-figure skater Vera Ellen Wang has established such a broad spectrum of clientele, everything from  bridal and bridesmaids couture to figure skating costumes for world-renowned skaters such as Michelle Kwan. This beautiful Chinese designer will stop at nothing to create the perfect design for the brides special day.

Vera was born and raised in New York and began figure skating at 6 years old. In 1968 her and partner James Stuart, competed in the US Figure Skating Championship and was later featured in Sports Illustrated in January of 1968. After Vera failed to make the Olympic team, she began her lifelong dream in the fashion world, and in 1967, she earned an Art History Degree at Sarah Lawrence College.

In 1990, Vera Wang opened her own studio in the Carlyle Hotel in New York and began designing her trademark wedding gowns for many established figures such as Vitoria Beckham, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff and she even designed an evening gown for Michelle Obama.

Vera has become one of the most famous bridal couture designers in the world. In the hit TV show 'Sex and the City,' Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) wore a Vera Wang gown in her “Vogue” shoot in the first movie.  In Bride Wars, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson both wore gowns by Vera Wang. Not only does she creates gowns that make your heart sing, but she also designed a line of eyewear, jewelry, shoes and fragrance as well. She is so multi-faceted and creates a showstopper every time.

If that wasn’t enough she launched her “Vera Wang” China and Chrystal Collection in 2002. In June 2005, Vera Wang was awarded the Council of Fashion Design Award for Women’s Wear of the Year. In 2006, she won the André Lenon Tally Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2009 she was inducted into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame for her costume designs.

Starting out as a figure skater and finishing as the world most sought after designer, Vera hit the jackpot in the fashion industry. This Chinese designer, based out of New York, can design just about anything, for just about anyone. 
Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera Wang


Blair Waldorf in Vera Wang

The D3vil Wears V. 

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