Society kills us Teenagers


This blog post is not like the normal fashion blogs. This is my complete honesty, I am sorry if I offend anyone but these are my true feelings on the matter, and everyone is untitled to their own thoughts and opinions. They may seem harsh or cruel, but this is how I feel.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

When did it become okay to dress in skanky clothes and call each other derogatory words? Remember when we used to go out in the sun and play with the neighbourhood kids, going for long bike rides and argue with mom to let us stay out past sun down? Now kids spend there time texting and talking over skype instead of calling each other on the phone, or sending letters, I understand that times are changing, but so is our ability to complete a sentence using proper grammar.
      “They pay me respect they pay me with checks
            and if she look good she pay me in sex
            Bounce that ass, it’s the roundest
            You the best, you deserve a crown b*tch
            Right on that

It’s no wonder teenagers spend so much time trying to perfect themselves and think of themselves as failures because they aren’t curvy enough, or they’re not skinny enough. The music that we listen to dictates that girls should “give it up” in order to be cool, or feel complete, that boys shouldn’t leave high school as a virgin and you “haven’t lived” unless you’ve done drugs or alcohol. Nothing makes you feel more incomplete than sex, drugs and alcohol, the emptiness, sadness and the hang over you have the next day aren’t worth the previous evenings activates.

Remember when watching endless hours of  “The Disney Channel” on the weekends used to be highlight of your elementary years. Now I turn it on and am disgusted at the shows that are on. Children doing magic tricks, beautiful boys and girls everywhere and perfect parents, where is the reality. Shows from the 90’s used to teach us to have good relationships with our family, to cherish our friends and to be grateful for the things we have.  I miss watching Even Stephen and Lizzy McGuire and learning the rewards of friendship and talking with my friends at lunch on Monday about that weekends episode.

Don’t forget about the way things used to be. We shouldn’t strive to be the world’s idea of perfect, but be who you are. I am not saying to stop going to the gym and become an arrogant couch potatoes, because “that’s who you are.” No, I am saying, turn off the TV, dress appropriately, build relationships with friends and family, and listen to wholesome music. Just think if everyone stopped listening to scandalous music, the impact that would make on the worlds music industry.
Don’t forget to work out, and eat healthy. Smile, and BE YOURSELF. ;) 

Happy Fashion

x - the Collector

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