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Clutches be crazy.

I hope that I am not the only one to notice how the clutches and handbags of the world have gone a little crazy? Honestly, I love them, the louder, the crazier, the more I love. When you’re wearing an all black, basic outfit, and then there's a neon pink clutch, you can’t help but notice it and stand in awe of its beauty.

Kate Spade recently did a collection of vibrant bags; she took the classic saddlebag and turned it into an effervescent, fully functional bag. I love the way they look, so simple, but the colors makes them stand out in such a fashionable way.

I have been drooling over the Céline bag for many months now, and I wouldn’t mind being the owner of one. The prices range from $1,999 to $2,500. They also come custom made in whatever color you want, or in the basic neutral shades that I love. Miley Cyrus has a neon yellow one and it suits her too a tee. I love how the bag has wings that can also be tucked in if you don’t feel like having them out.

Prada did a very simple but chic bag this season. Their entire bag collection has been very classiy, and I can admire a designer who takes a break from the wild side and designs a basic line that can be carried by just about anyone.

Tod’s always does a classic line of bags, they’re never over done and never tire the eyes. You can always expect an excellent line from Diego Della Vella the designer for Tod’s, he never strays away from adding masculinity for a very feminine collection of both bags and ready-to-wear. 

I love when a plain outfit is spruced up with a colourful bag. Bags and clutches are meant to be an accessory, but when done well it can take the entire outfit to a new height. Try taking a basic outfit and sprucing it up with some arm candy, trust me, lots of complements will be coming your way. 

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