The World Lost an Angel


Taylor Steyn was a beautiful 21year old woman who was tragically killed in a car accident in Surrey on Friday afternoon. As her family and friends try to grieve, they are also trying to accomplish what at once may have seemed impossible.
Here is an excerpt from her dear brother, Miles, which explains it all:

Our beautiful Taylor-Anne (Tay Tay), was taken from us in a motor vehicle accident this past Good Friday. If you visit her Facebook page (Taylor Steyn) or Twitter (@t_steynnn) you’d notice something...

She was IN LOVE with Justin Bieber. On his birthday she tweeted him 300 times, promising she’d get him to retweet or even follow her; she never expected anything more.

We asked her what she wanted for her 20th birthday and without hesitation, she dragged our family to see “Never Say Never.” She saw it 5 other times in theatres and owns the DVD, too.

If I or anybody else said a bad thing about Bieber, she’d smack us, vow to change our minds and turn us into Beliebers as well.

The night after her death, so many of her friends came over and held a candlelight vigil on our lawn. Whilst we sat in silence and placed photos of her on the lawn, a mix of her favorite Justin Bieber songs (all of them) played in the background. There was something in his music that she heard, which a lot of us didn’t hear or couldn’t realize at the time, but do now, which spoke to her.

She’s turned all of us into Justin Bieber fans. His music meant everything to her, she meant everything to us, and so now, in a way, his music had become a part of our family.

So, if you can help at all, could you please get Justin to read this and just follow her on Twitter, or even mention her or write one of her favorite sayings, “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day;” a goal she never achieved while here, but hopefully with your help she will.

This may be asking way too much, but you should know Taylor was called “Tay Tay our little sun ray” by everyone that knew her. Everybody that’s been writing to her seem to remember her warm smile that lit up everyone’s day. Before she died, she tweeted something she planned on getting tattooed across her ribs. It was the saying she lived by every day... “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day,” from the song, My Girl. If she could have anything it would be for Justin to sing that song... Not even just to her, but for her to hear the words she lived by sung by Justin Bieber, she would be over the mood and smile brighter than ever!

Her memorial service is planned for this Saturday, and it would be incredible to announce her achievement to all.

- Miles Steyn

Please help us achieve this by tweeting “#taysbeliebers @justinbieber” at noon tomorrow, Wednesday April 11th. We wish to bombard him with tweets, so it is impossible to ignore. Please, continue to tweet, repost, and watch the youtube to follow, so we can help keep her beautiful spirit alive.

Many thanks, and lots of love.

Holly Vestad.

R.I.P. angel.
Chat conversation end

 - Written by Holly Vestad.

x- The D3vil Wears G

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