City lights ! (NYC 1)


DvF Showroom ! 

NYU street style (grunge) 

NYC and Brooklyn 

Lady Liberty wished me a happy birthday [ i know it! ]
Please Read ! 

She's huge! 

What Goes Around Comes Around 


1:30 pm 


Party in the USA

Magical hotspot. I had to stop and take a pic !

Birthday Dress ! (on SALE!) Purdy Girl NYC 

Fire Escape!

Where do you go to see city lights?!

In God we trust 

Oh Stanley .. he likes his Cigs 

They all smelled delicious !

My Birthday cake! 

Walked 6km 's to see the Statue of Liberty ! ( I know right!) 
Sail ON! 


Oh 'Hi Tats!'

The BK Bridge! 
I had an interesting time discovering NYC. Manhattan is massive and I didn't even get 1/8th of the way through. However I was walking and smiling, listening to where the city was taking me and enjoying the views [for the most part!] One thing that this city has taught me is; to walk and if you step on someone don't turn back to apologize! THAT IS BRUTAL!  haha, no, stop and apologize, help the person up and help dust off the dirt! Never leave a man in the gutter!

Today I am heading into Brooklyn to see what I find there, hopefully people are nicer here!

x - the *NYC* Collector

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