Monster Mode


WTF? No, seriously; check this out. Last spring Paris hosted “ARRR! Monsters de Mode.” A freak show fashion exhibit that sees the beauty in the ugly. Personally I think …. never mind.

Hatched by Angelos Tsourapas and Vassilis Zidianakis this, beauty in the beast fashion exhibit features some of the worlds most adored designers; Hideki Seo, Alexander McQueen, Craig Green  and Issey Miyake. These are [obviously] not everyday pieces, but fashion is art and these designers are artists, needless to say the monster mash was a screaming success.

I think of Paris as a place of luxury and class, but then I hear their hosting exhibits like that my head is thrown into a tizzy. Its hard to see the appeal in these creations but sometimes beauty is, simply in the eye of the beholders…. Or, something like that. 

 x - the Collector 

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