an ASSEMBLY of civil servants: rally, congregation, convention


       Manhattan NYC

Cool calm and contained; code name for Greg Armas [store owner's] collection of everything necessary for one to look clean and sophisticated, A strictly solid collaboration of tans, rust, taupe and a mix-match of denim. The lower East Side, Manhattan boutique takes lead from the 1970's period and is heavily induced with gender bender vibes.

For fall winter 2013 the menswear collection carried an array of greys, blue, black and white. It’s easy on the eyes and gently effused with Asian culture.

Everything about Assembly screams "keep calm and style on." from top to bottom it all makes sense. Although it’s a little twisted there is so much sophistication in the collection. New Yorkers I encourage you to hustle down to the Lower Ease side and bring your wallets; you shan't be disappointed.

x - the Collector

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