$tyle 3


Pocket Square - Brooks Brothers
Shirt - Wordsmiths
Pants- Betty Barclay
Shoes - Joe Fresh

I remember buying all three of these pieces. The shirt is from Model Citizen and I'd been eyeing it all summer. Finally, I mustered up the courage to buy it and had cash in my wallet so Julian gave me a deal. It's one of my favourite pieces in my closet. The pants I purchased because I was looking for something "interesting." I find pants my most difficult purchase, they never fit right, my body shape isn't conducive to North American tailoring. These, on the other hand, fit like a glove, and I got them for $5.99 at the thrift shop! The shoes, again, from the thrift shop, but I got these on my 20th birthday. I used birthday money on a few items but these boots were my favourite  purchase by far, I still have them. 

photo's by Deanna Flinn 

x- the Collector

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