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I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to sit front row at Toronto's very first men's fashion week. I got to meet some amazing photographers, PR reps, videographers, designers and models. I was overflowing with happiness and bubbling with joy at the fact that I was with such amazing people! I am pleased to share the photo's of my crazy outfits that I wore during TOM*FW

Opening night on August 11th was one of my favorite outfits; it was cheeky, colorful but sexy all at the same time.

This outfit is called 'Bulls Baby!'
Snapback from Kensington Market
Jersey from a friend
Clutch: JR from a thrift shop
shoes: Just Fab, from a friend

The first night of TOM*FW, I wanted to be comfortable more than anything, no stress, no mess. I wore my Big Yellow dress and a pair of sandals, hair down and no frown.

This ensemble is called Mellow Yellow.
Dress: Thrift Shop in Parksville BC
Standing with Paul, professional, suave and sexy model backstage at Christopher Bates

Second night I wanted to wear something that was subdued but loud all at the same time [does that make sense?] You know about my obsession with color, so why not wear something colorful, fun and stand out like a green thumb!

This outfits called Green Giant!
Sports bra a Christmas gift from my mother
Jacket: Algo- Vintage Thrift
Shorts: Razz International from The Kit and Kaboodle in Parksville
Belt: vintage
Scarf: Paul Nathaphol
Shoes: JC from Chocolate Shoes Queen St. Toronto
The last night I figured I would go out with a bang. I mean, why not right. Toronto is so boring when it comes to fashion. Either people wear all black or they look ridiculously out of place. I figured I would be in-between. This look I called Sparkle Bunny!
Go big or GO HOME!
Bunny Ears: Fashion Crimes
Jacket: Thrift Shop
Shirt: vintage
Dress: Tabula Rasa
Lapel Pin: Just SultanTO

x - the *Tom* Collector

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