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Sure, scoring three goals in one game is the best feeling in the world, but since we’re talking fashion the only points we’re scoring are with the fashion industry. Hats are the most interesting fashion accessory; we can never figure out whether we love big or small. Designers are keeping us on our toes, filling our minds with endless lessons on “what’s proper.” During the early 1900’s it was normal to be seen in the largest hat possible. As the century’s passed lids have changed drastically.

Through the years headwear has become exciting and creative. Now designers are using them again in their collections to keep us guessing. Louis Vuitton opted for the big and gawky; mounted on the tops of models heads were massive hats featuring feathers, jewels and ribbons. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton had such an innovative spirit and has used hats to lure new fans. Marc Jacobs created a fur hat that could stop hundred mile an hour winds. It’s no wonder we love his creations, he brings us to our knees and keeps us guessing at what’s coming season after season.

Wide brimmed hats and fedoras are popular among the street savvy. We’re seeing fascinators as well, although they were used during parties and galas they are making their way from the events to the streets. They’ve become something of a spectacle that Anna Dello Russo never seems to miss, she’s one of the world's most creative and crazy fashionista's.

For men, Iceberg has gone with the modest top hat, Dolce and Gabanna with the paper boy hat and Shivan and Narresh have made the hat more of an exhibition than for use. A hat is a hat and whether it blocks the sun or looks pretty it’s there to do a job.

Lids are taking another spin through the fashion industry; it’s been so refreshing to see headwear again. Next time I plan on scoring a hat trick, I hope to be wearing fashions most exciting accessory, let's hope I shot and pray I score.

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