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I completely understand if wearing a blazer and dress pants aren't your thing, and yes I agree that it can sometimes be too much. But the thing to keep in mind is YES, you have to develop personal style. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of the same fashion and trends for men, here in Toronto especially. Yes, it is so very important to keep up to date with your look, but when it comes to personal style, there isn't really much of one. The "Lumberjack" "Preppy Boy" "Swag" and "Business man" is the most predominant styles that we're seeing, but with designers and outlet stores providing men with coloured denim and different styles of pants there is no excuse to not have/wear a little colour in your day to day.

The lumberjack look is awesome. The rugged, just got out of the bush look is very sexy, but after seeing it time and time again, it's starting to take its toll. Toques, skinny chino's, plaid shirt, the same deal with the next guy. This look is great however, if you're that type of guy, but when it's someone who has clearly NEVER lifted an axe, it makes it hard to believe. Make sure when trying this ensemble that you have all the fixings; a great pair of suspenders, weather worn pants, a great bold toque and an awesome plaid shirt that was clearly worn in the lumber yard or made to look used.

The preppy boy is always a fun one to look at. So many men look great in this look, but truth be told, there are some men that should just... not, ever! Preppy needs to be done well, it's an ensemble that has to carry with the man, if he's in a great pair of chino's but his attitude doesn't match his attire it's confusing and doesn't quite work with the ensemble. A great way to use this look is on the weekend if it's not your ordinary day to day. It shows that you have demur and can dress classy, but casual at the same time. This look I like to call the "Club Monaco." A great pair of cords or chino's with a coloured shirt patterned or plain with a pair of oxfords or loafers and a vintage cardigan or wool jacket is a perfect way to finish a savvy ensemble.

Swag is a personal favourite, I am not a fan of the rapper boy swag but if done well can be very appealing! This look isn't as easy as those might think, not only does this one require a precise colour combination but it also has to be carried exceptionally well. There are so many moments when Captain Swag is strolling the streets with no swagger and his outfit is completely ruined. Swag can be done many ways, but the thing to remember is that it has to be a head to toe look, and whatever is in between has to make sense with the ENITRE ensemble. Black is a safe colour to go with for the pants especially, the key is less is more, too many gold accessories makes you look like a walking jewelry store! 

Ahh the business man! This one is a hit or a miss. Many of the men that I have encountered have been really well put together, but there are the select few that...well, got dressed in the dark. When getting pants, it is SO very important to remember that they should sit on your hip bones, should not be tight, and should come 3/4 up your shoe; too long and you'll be dragging too short and it's embarrassing! Suits for the office have gotten so boring, navy blue, black and grey. Sheesh, is there a law or is it just "an unwritten rule" because rules are meant to be broken. However if it is a rule that you must wear a boring suit at least spice it up with a brilliant tie or some stellar shoes! Always remember that with a suit you have the ability to mix and match with jackets, pants, ties, shirts and shoes. If you only have two full sets, well get creative, the office is a place to work, but you aren't in jail, accessories, wear a bow tie one day and a neck tie the next. Try a blazer one day and a cardigan the following, there are PLENTY of ways to make the office a less drab place, you just need to be inventive, brave and the compliments will follow.

Nothing more attractive to a woman then a man who dresses to impress, who cares whats on their back and has the confidence to match. If you look the part you'll get the part! For men, fashion is a great way to get noticed, it's a fun way to express yourself, and whether you like reggae  heavy metal, grunge, pop, rap or hip-hop there is always a way to incorporate a little of what you know into your attire. Band tour shirts are an amazing way to add some flare to an ensemble, wear one with a blazer over top and a great pair of denim. If you love Bob Marley add a pin to your backpack or accessories with some amazing necklaces. 
There are so many ways to look good and stay true to the things you love. Don't just read an article and go and buy a new wardrobe, do your research  know yourself well enough to shop and when you find something make sure it fits you perfectly or it will rot in your closet. Whether you're a preppy boy, a swag master, a business man or out in the woods, your style must reflect your personality, but don't just stick to only ONE look, experiment, that's what fashion is all about. If worse comes to worse you can always take it off when you get home!  Don't forget your style is your resume; make sure it highlights all your best features. 

Check out these men's style blogs for help and inspiration ! xxoo ! 

hope that helps! Comment if you need more help or other fashion blogs to search! #HappyFashion
x- the Collector

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