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Tuesday was one of those nights where diamonds, fashion and champaign collide. So many great things happened, people became friends, fashion bloggers united and of course, diamonds were everywhere. The best thing about a night revolving around bling and zeal was that everyone, myself included, was excited and energized to be there. When you first walked in the smell that permeated your nose was garlic and perfume, but within a few minutes, your mouth was filled with the taste of the garlicky substance on crackers and champaign. After a few minutes of stuffing your mouth with treats and bubbly you were soon immersed in the jewellery that surrounded. Everywhere you looked thousands of dollars of bling rested effortlessly in there shelves awaiting to be placed on delicately manicured fingers. A speech was given half way through by Terry Brenner, owner of !Xam Diamond's about the manufacturing process and how with an !Xam Diamond strange but wonderful thing happen. It is also amazing to see that the diamonds are harvested in Africa and there it sat hundreds of hours later on my finger. Spotted; Sunny Fong, designer for Vawk a Toronto label and his PR rep, he gave me a little insight into the fall winter collection; it will contain fur and leather and that was all he said. Later in the evening I (finally) met Dainty Girl, a fashion blogger from the city who is one of Toronto's biggest and brightest bloggers. The evening as a whole was wonderful, so many great people, so many great memories and such amazing jewellery!

Thank you to: Fajo Magazine, !Xam Diamonds, and Diva Girl Fitness
Me and   

Sunny Fong and I at Fajo and !Xam Diamond party

Fashionable ladies

Friends became family ! 


thank you Eliet for the delicious food! 

Black Diva's 

some light munching! 

Fashion ladies
Future wedding ring ^^

FAJO Magazine's Hannah Yakobi 

Style Diva's 

Fashion comes in so many different colors

Nicole and I 
Diamonds truly are a girls bff! 


x- the Collector

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