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Fashion in a man's world is just as important as that in a woman's world. Men's fashion hasn't changed as dramatically as women's, but men of the 21st century are beginning to get more brave, and experimental with their clothing. 
Allow me to elaborate.

Coloured pants, for example, have not been as popular among men as they have with women. Men are becoming braver with their fashion and trying new colours, prints, and textures. 

With the hipster movement flowing throughout most cities, a lot of men are turning to a more dramatic and rustic look. Skinny jeans, dessert boots and lumber-jack style toques have made a slow and gentle comeback. It's a great weekend look and it's comfortable. A mix of fancy business and rustic leather jackets has made men's fashion appealing and more diverse, bow-ties and dress shirts with fighter pilot jackets are also popular look. Vintage meets new age, mixed with bright colours it's subtle yet sophisticated. 

Preppy boys will never go out of style. Since the 1920's "Athletic Wear ear" it has been an iconic staple for wealthy men to turn to for influence. A stylish business suit, a handkerchief and a sweater thrown over the shoulders will always have women on the edge of their seats, straining to take an extra long peek. Not only does it look professional and sporty, but also looks handsome. Just a few things a woman looks for. 

Bags, mures' and satchels have also come back into style. Paperboy styled shoulder bags have creeped their way back into department stores, they should, by all means, be used to carry all your manly necessities. A Burton backpack could ruin your outfit and make you look tacky and underdressed. But a great bag is an excellent accessory for a man, whether you're carrying everyday day needs, or heading to the gym, every man needs a good Indiana Jones satchel. 

My personal favourite accessory on a man is a good bow-tie. Talk about looking dapper. A bow-tie shows you're stylish, and can take a plain old dress shirt and make it pop, it's simple and old school with a romantic and gentlemen-like feel. 

Men's fashion, over the last several years, has been taken to a whole new level. Men are becoming more brave with their accessories, colours, and textures. I fully support any man who wants to try a bow-tie or a bag, even scarves look lovely on a cold winter day. Mens fashion is forever changing and hopefully you take the time to embrace fashion as a culture and begin to make it a part of your life.

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