Gullian Zinser

Prior to landing the role as Ivy Sullizan on 90210, Gullian attended NYU. After the third season she signed on with the cast and has taken on a major role as the seasons progress. She's been married, and divorced, Ivy carries her friends through some of the most difficult times in their lives. She's a surfer girl, with a big heart and an amazing body. 

Her laidback effortless look is refreshing compared to everyone else's. She's a surfer/boho/grunge girl. Her look is always finished with a big bangle or a hat and even some sunglasses and some very sexy beachy hair.

street style.
Gullian is a boho/hipster girl, FOR SURE! She always looks stunning on the red carpet. Her style is very similar to the ones she wears on 90210. She's a long, toned, surfer babe with a killer bod and an amazing smile.

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