Jessica Lowndes

In 2008 Jessica landed the role as Adrianna Tate-Duncan in 90210. This Canadian actress was born in Vancouver and attended Pacific Academy in Surrey. She's also a singer and song-writer and has preformed numerous times during the show. Of all the characters Adrianna has the most difficult role. She's been in tragic car accidents, had a drug problem, given her child up for adoption, and lost her music career. Her character is always exciting and constantly growing. 

Adrianna's style in the first few seasons was simple and young. She always sported cute cardigans, jeans and plain t's. As the seasons progressed so did her style. She now wears high waisted skirts, and brightly coloured tops. This green eyed brunette is always looking stylish.


Street Style.
Jessica has a ladylike style. She is always sporting cute pumps and a great dress. Her bag collection is fantastic, she collects consists of a lot of vintage, and for a girl in the 21 century, good vintage is hard to come by.

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