AnnaLynne McCord

She is sexy, she is cute, she is strong and she is independent. We know AnnaLynne best for her character on CW's 90210. Naomi Clark is also one of T.V's sexiest women, a trust fund brat who cares deeply for her friends and throws fabulous parties. 
"A Naomi Clark party is NOT to be missed" 

In her earlier years, Annalynne was home schooled, and graduated at 15. After she began modelling for Seventeen magazine and the brand Estee Lauder. She first appeared in 2007 remake of Day of the Dead. She has also guest starred in several TV shows such as The OC, Ugly Betty, Cold Case and Greek, where she mostly portrays a vileness. In 2008, she was casted to play a minor role in 90210, then after the first season many media outlets began refereeing to her as more of a lead role. In 2009 McCord won the Hollywood Superstar of Tomorrow Award, later that year she also won "Breakthrough Standout Preformance." Naomi was ranked 16th sexiest woman of 2010, and 14th in 2011.

Her character is based on 90210's, original, Kelly Taylor. Her style exudes confidence and femininity, two lethal combinations that makes her the TV's sexiest blond bombshell. As the seasons progress, her style matures. While at work she portrayed a sleek and strong woman, she adds leopard print belts to her outfits to show that she deserves to be respected. Naomi loves to show off her tight toned curvy figure, at school, she wears tight fitted dresses, off the shoulder sweaters and short simple pretty skirts.

Street Style
AnnaLynne goes from a sexy feminine cutie, to a chic tomboy, to a 70's diva, all the way to a college trouser wearing hussy. Her street style is easy and elegant, having the advantage of a long slender body allows her to wear short mini dresses, colourful shorts, maxi skirts and high waisted bell-bottom 70's jeans. She's a subtle style diva with the confidence to try just about anything. 

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