Tristan Wilds grew up in New York and soon followed in his brothers footsteps by becoming an actor at 7. He played A.J in Miracle's Boys, and played a lead role in The Wire, a television series that ran from 2006-2008, after the series ended he landed the role of Dixon Wilson, adopted brother of co-star Shenae Grimes. Along with his acting career, Tristan is also a musician. Wilds signed with Ten2One Records and produced "Fall 4 her" and "Runaround" both produced by Dre & Vidal.

Dixon Wilson is always scene wearing cool casual attire. His character maintains a low-key, relaxed vibe and so does his clothes. Dixon is a musician and so he sports fedoras, button-up shirts and suit jackets. He always looks dapper but never over dressed and never to casual.   

Tristan Wilds
Tristan is a DJ and therefore he sports the appropriate attire to do so. His wardrobe consists of sports jackets, chains and baller caps. On the red carpet, Tristan is always in a fresh suit and comfortable shoes. Wilds always looks so fresh, and so clean. 

On the red carpet for RedTails

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