Sky high


Sky Ferreira

Sky is a model, singer, actress and songwriter, all before the age of 20. She had a strong musical influence as a child. Her family spent many holidays and afternoons with Michael Jackson, and soon Sky was singing in the church choir and at local town halls. She continued singing as she got older and later enrolled in opera to further her voice range. Furthermore, Sky is to release a new album sometime this year that carries a more 'Blondie' meets electronic style. 

Known for her rocker-chic look, Sky has captured the eye of Calvin Klein for his latest underwear campaign. She's stunning in her grunge-girl style and is now being spotted at all the latest hot-spots and high profile fashion events. Sky usually rocks an all black ensemble with the trendiest boots, but she also saw in a more girly form, but she usually sticks to her rocker-grungy look. 

Sky will continue to model, sing and songwriter into the future. With such a strong musical upbringing she can only grow. Her sassy-grunge style will remain her own and will influence others to take charge of their own personal style.

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