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Leighton Meester

Leigton Marissa Meester was born a southern bell. From Texas, Leighton has always been in the spotlight. Her mother and father, Constance and Douglas saw real acting potential in their daughter and soon enrolled her at Professional Children's School in New York. In 1999 Leighton got her fist acting debut in Law & Order then later landed a big role in "Hangman's Curse." After that Leighton's career took off. She now plays Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Leighton's character is a New York high society socialite, who manipulates and stratagiezes in the most savage but elegant of ways. For those who didn't know, Leighton also sings, in 2011 she played Charlie Stanton, and up and coming country signer in "Country Strong." 

Leighton has access to one of the most expensive and well put together wardrobes on TV. Her style on the show is very sophisticated and elegant. She accentuates her curves and keeps her style very preppy-pretty. Her personal style is a more relaxed version of her charter. She always keeps her colors and textures very basic, leaving room to accessories, as a result, her look its runway worthy, all the time. 

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