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Mr. Ed Westwick

Portraying Mr.Charles Bass on CW's his series Gossip Girl, his over the top preppy boy style makes him televisions most fashionable man. His day look is opposite to that of his TV characters, sporting deep V-neck shirts and aviator sunglasses around town makes him equally as stylish but in a more of a grung way. Westwick's style is always just right.

Ed Westwick was selected to be the headline man of Penshoppe's 2012 pre-Holiday and summer collection. The collection is made up of sophisticated, casual wear. Later in an interview with Philippine Media he expresses his love and appreciation for fashion. But don't confuse Chuck Bass with Ed Westwick, believe it or not, Ed was front man of a British indie rock band "Filthy Youth." Ed's style is always perfect.

Ed Westwick

Chuck Bass

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