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As spring/summer crawls its way over the border there are a few things that have been catching my eye for "trends!" As usual, the pastels are a big one, floral, netting; suits on women just to name a few.

Pastels are a spring/summer staple. Using a lighter, less vibrant texture that helps to confirm your love for the flowers outside is an easy way to get people on the style bandwagon. Super easy to mix into your collection, great for dressing up or down, perfect for the office and effortless for those more relaxed times. Here are a few looks that you can try.

Floral duh, the best thing about having flowers on your body is that if anyone around you is having a bad day it's instantly better! Another way to take your day wear to evening wear, is by incorporating a little femininity to your closet. Grab a fresh floral jacket, belt or shoes and BAM, outfit will be rocking! 

Whatever your trend may be, rock it! If you like to be loud, bold and crazy, then go to town! If pastels and relaxed fits/colors are your jam, have at‘er! No one is stopping you, exude as much vitality and creation into peoples lives as you can! Be strong, be you! 

x - the Collector

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