These photo's were taken about the same time last year. The air was sharp, my socks on, and my iPod blasting. I knocked through an entire Justin Timberlake album (I won't tell you which one) then moved on to some Toni Braxton, Brandy and LL Cool J to keep the energy high. 

I wasn't thinking too much about what I was photographing, only when I arrived home did I realize I shot most of these photo's in monochrome. I wasn't bothered. 

It's funny what your eye sees and what music will make you conscious of. These photo's are all in the "upward" direction. My mother taught me, there is no point in having your head down, have your chin level with the floor and you'll never miss anything. This time I had my nose in the air and my head in the clouds.

Enjoy your day. Breathe deep, keep calm and be aware of others. 

Be cool, don't jump to conclusion and enjoy the scenery around you; take your own photo's. You'd be amazed at what your eyes see, your heart tells you and where your headphones can take you. 

Leather Italian boots
floral vintage pants
cozy turtle neck
teal shawl jacket

x - the *photography* Collector 

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