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Whilst I was in Vancouver this past July, my friend Alex Waber, invited me out for lunch at Bestie and a quick photo session!

Back in 2012, I met Alex while interning for Vancouver Fashion Week. We were shooting street style together, and he even let me use some of his photo's for some post fashion-week blog posts ( see here .) After I left Vancouver to go to Toronto, Alex and I stayed in touch through various social media apps and when I came home for a bit, he was eager to take photo's of yours truly.

Normally I'm on the other side of the cameraman. Being photographed was an interesting experience. Having the attention on you, the lights, the click of the shutter, it was thrilling! Another thing I love about Alex is that he's an excellent director and if the shot isn't just right, he'll make you get back into the awkward position you were just in, just this time with fingers spread and eyes open.

Thank you again Alex Waber Photography for such an amazing experience, take a look at some of the shots he took and let me know what you think friends!

x - the Collector

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