Mi oh Mi


Back before I left for Toronto in 2012, I found this little boutique in Gastown called Mi Kemistry. After spending much of the afternoon there, I quickly began to realize just how much I loved this boutique, the owner and all the crazy fashion that dwells within. 

Jill, the owner, is the most outrageous, pleasant and lovely human on the planet, and because of her vivacious sprit, I keep coming back to visit her again and again. 

Now in 2014, on my travels back to the west coast, I decided to mill around Gastown, to try and see if I could once again find the boutique. Upon my arrival, Jill was sitting behind her desk typing away on her Mac and within moments we were rekindled and yammering away like two schoolgirls. 

I sifted through her racks as we chatted on and these were some of the lovely pieces I found! 

x - the Collector 


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