her Majesties Plaid


Betsey J and Nicki Minaj

Remember the rule about stripes and plaid, and shapes and patterns? We'll they've booth been abolished and juxtaposition has taken a stand.

 Remember when you would see a teenage boy sauntering down the hallway in ups and downs, lefts and rights and your eyes would cross. Now, only several years later, fashion designers have taking said boys ideas and run with it! Take Vivienne Westwood for example - we don't ever know what direction she's heading in ; all we know is that we're coming!

Forever have we been scrutinizing and upholding "fashion laws" but as the street style, blogger, vlogger, and the sartorial world have grown, their ideas of regulations has been stricken from the records and "fend for yourself" fashion has taken over.

 With swinging colors, fashion masquerades and daunting details, we've begun to realize that with style, restrictions are like Tom Hanks; "Cast Away" but this time, there is no saving us!

So enjoy the scary ride of fashion. Feel what you're meant to feel and for pete sake  - wear stripes and plaid!

Mens couture ! 

x - the collector 

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