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Some of my favorite places to find fashion inspiration are on the street. Don’t believe me, well, when you see someone who is dressed to the nines and looks like a diva, you automatically want to say hi or stare, am I correct? The best part about being on the street and checking out style is there is never a dull moment, rarely is anyone in just a plain ensemble. Well of course there are people who are in t-shirts and boyfriend jeans and they look like a million bucks, but they did put effort into that decision. Street style is one of the most powerful statements one can make with their fashion, don’t believe me, go down the street and walk around, the people who catch your eye are most commonly the ones who are well dressed. Take my word for it.

Taylor Tomasi-Hill is one of my many go-to girls for fashion inspiration. Her flaming red hair and tall body helps her to be noticed while strolling the streets. During global fashion weeks, it is unheard of if TaylorT-Hill isn’t being spotted and posted on numerous style blogs. She has a very feminine, businesswoman appeal and with every outfit she always finds something new to say with her fashion. She is the accessories director at Marie Clair US, and yes she loves accessories, duh! It wouldn’t be an ensemble if Taylor weren’t wearing a chunky ring, or carrying a brilliant bag; she understands that with every outfit there needs to be a focal point.

Some of her favorite designers range from Rick Owen, to Proenza Schouler. She loves her Burberry Trench’s, Madwell denim, Chanel 2.55 bag and YSL heels. Well, what did you expect; she’s a fashion inspiration and fully understands that no outfit goes unnoticed. Rumor has it that she’s being spotted for the creative director position at Barney’s NY.

Being stylish is a huge issue, and Taylor Tomasi-Hill fully understands that. Street style is a great way for people to notice you and gives way for excellent conversations on the fashionable matter at hand. I urge you to get out and dress well, wear clothes that make a statement and help bring awareness to your cause. Fashion is each to-their-own, so be brave and go for it. Style is creativity; street style is one of the most powerful statements one can make with their fashion. The people who catch your eye are most commonly well dressed or in some sort of get up. Take my word for it.

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