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It’s all about being short and sassy. No, I am not talking height here, I am talking hair. It was a huge shock to everyone, myself included, when Miley Cyrus chopped her kiddy locks. Anne Hathaway gets married and goes for the scissors, talk about making a statement. For some reason this boyish charm is just what everyone needed to help bring 2012 to a close.

It was just before summer that a trend caught on, women, men and children began shaving the sides of their heads. Some mothers were most likely in tears, father’s brows frowd and friends gasped, all for the sake of style. It was a radical change for the great. Question is, were those who took to the shaver aware that hair grows back? The trend quickly died out when people realized that they would soon be seeing the rebirth of there “out burst.” As tuffs of hair began to reappear, peoples eyebrows began to raise, passer byes giggled to their friends about the hair decision, but thankfully, with winter season here, they can hide under a tuque or adorn a hat.

Strolling past the magazine rack at the local food market, my mouth stood agape when I saw the lack of hair on Ms. Hathaway’s head. Shocked, slightly, my favorite, “The Devil Wear’s Prada” actor got trimmed. She looks wonderful, she has great bone structure and can carry it well, it was a bit of a surprise when I first saw it, but I quickly became a fan of the new doo and now I have a slight urge to do something radical myself. The biggest surprise was Miley’s only a few months ago, she went from flowing brown locks to spiked blond in one fell swoop. The change was needed, Disney tends to make everyone look similar and now that she’s becoming her own woman, she has taken what she's given and she’s running with it. Her bravery was a surprise, to say the least, but honestly, much needed. Rihanna is one of those women who never sit still, and neither does her hair. She’s been blond, red, black, long, short, you name it, she’s done it. She’s confusing, but energetic, I love what Rihanna does, she’s innovative and never shy’s away from adventure, never a dull moment and thankfully so. 

For those of us who cherish our long locks, it’s always nice to see someone else being brave when we ourselves feel weak. Personal style is all about taking risks and going for things that would normally cause others to fear. Thankfully celebrities can take our place and lead the way. With infamous hair trends and color changes, we are yet to see the last of it. From short and spiky to long and vivacious, hair is forever changing and causing reactions; however for this season it’s all about the short and sassy. 

x - the Collector 

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