Best in show: Milan Paris Mens fashion week 2013


Men’s fashion week carries a different vibe then the female’s. For men it’s all about who's creating "the new man" for the season. Question is never what is the look; its who does the look best! Men do get hair and make up, but strictly touch-up the imperfections, not that there's many to see, and adjust the hair to designer specifications. Men’s fashion week is a different energy; it’s an excitement and a comradory towards each other and the designer that's different to that with the women.

ZZegna (Milan)
His collection featured modern men in the 'new modern world'. Hypnotizing gentlemen with a vigor for life. Strutting in sheer grey-purple suits, some with long others with short sleeves. Along with comfortable cable knit sweaters and shorts the colors ranged from the shimmery grey suits and keeping with the blend, added some pale pink and mint greens. Using black as the accent the collection was easy to watch and fun to gape at.

Dsquared2 carries a different look; it's more edgy and less forgiving. A punk-rock rooted collection for the innovative and diverse 'new man'. Tailored denim jackets with a flash of leopard print for a animalistic look. Conductor hats and black pants, a business man gone naughty with a pink accent. A very fresh take on men’s apparel. Still raw, although I wouldn't call it sexy- but the models certainly were.

John Varvatos(Milan)
"Theirs a younger feeling, doesn't mean about age, a youthful thing that you can go from day to night. There's a whole movement of people dressing up again, we're in an elegant spirit." -JV
 Sexy white suits with "trench," one and 3 styled button suits on the runway. Gentlemen in red accent neck-ties. Clean and well groomed. Cowboy hats, a sort of Italian mafia dressed man, I liked it, it was new.

Versace (Milan)
Versace is all about the spoiled, naughty yacht club boy dressed in lavish high fashion clothing that screams out wealth. It's sexy and mysterious but vulgar and haughty all at the same time. You can never go wrong with a lively color pallet. Mint greens, baby blues, earth tones mixed with pinks a very sexy collection for a very special man.

Costume National Homme (Milan)
There's an edge to this collection. It’s dark and sinister, with some grey and deep purple behind it. It's enticing and perfect for a rocker.

Ermenegildo Zegna(Milan)
The feeling behind this collection was real authentic Italian couture. Pieces fit for a prince. Amazingly tailored suits and colored pants, it’s a great collection for the ritzy man in your household, clothing Scott Disick would wear. The bags were stiff and heavy, it was wonderful. The collection featured a berry colored theme. Deep reds and purples along with brown’s, a vineyard of colors and textures. It was very old school a 1930s man.

Frankie Morello (Milan)
Gangster; yeah man, gold and suits, could you get anymore interesting? The collection was edgy and fun, it felt childish, but not my favourite it was more haute couture then ready to wear. Very masculine but too much sparkle.

Salvatore Ferragamo(Milan)
Love color? This is the collection for you. Its loud it’s in your face. It was sexy and new, a vivid reminder that men can wear color. Although they looked more delicious to eat then to watch, however it was a great mix. “Feel the rainbow-taste the rainbow.”

Dolce & Gabbana(Milan)
Young men in a collection that screams Italian. It was great line up of fun sailors and old gondola singers, mixed with the creative tourist. It was a blast, such a great assortment of clothing; it expressed a love for traveling. Finishing with a line up of suits for a contemporary man.

Dirk Bikkembergs(Milan)
A collection created and based between synthetic and organic. Great energy, It was more of an athletic feel. Zip up sports coats mixed with well tailored suits, A handsome collection to say the least.

these pieces were less couture and more travel wear. A very comfortable collection, full of spirit but still very solemn with a lot of texture. A color pallet of browns, grey’s, sea blue and ocean green. A safari mixed with beach.

John Galliano(Paris)
We all know Galliano is more of a haute couture designer so what did you expect when models came out of the shoot in pattern suits with 3D pieces? A weird but fun collection. It consisted of paler hues, a soft pallet for someone who isn't afraid to be crazy in a quitter color creation. It was great; rough, edgy and unique-to say the least.

Maison Martin Margiela(Paris)
He's well known for tailored creations mixed with an expression of gratitude. MMM is a great design house and captures the essence of 'the new' man in this collection. He used creamer colors and kept the concept basic. It was very rustic but lovely for a gentleman. I'm sexy and I know it. It was a clean routine.

Kenzo (Paris)
It was the urban jungle come to life. A great pallet, full of pastels with texture and pops of needed color to help float the collection along. It was innovative.

Lanvin (Paris)
High waisted pants; never say that but it was great. Skinny ties, long jackets, black and greys with blue accents, a fresh look on the modern man. All models carried a very "kill or be killed" vibe. Tattoos and gold pants! This collection screamed weird and creative, it was wonderful!

Rick Owens (Paris)
Rustic anyone? It was just that, a very masculine meets mars look. It was splendid and creative. It was out of this world in a good way, crazy printed jackets. It was fantastic for the creative man in your life.

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