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For the bee keeper in your life, this collection was for you. Something about the way the ladies buzzed down the runways, there was a sense of urgency and grace on the catwalk for Alexander McQueen spring summer 2013. Models wearing bee keeper visors and heeless booties gave this seasons show a heightened anticipation. My heart would jump every time a woman waddled in her shoes, what if she fell? Never the less, no one did, all is well in the land of milk and hunny.

Sarah Burton, creative director of McQueen has taken what Alexander created and added a little spin of her own. Burton began designing at the house in 2010 shortly after the death of our beloved designer. After her first show, we all knew that she was the adequate choice for the design house and the label has turned out sensational collections season after season all thanks to her and her creation team at Alexander McQueen.

For this season, we take a step back and check out the Victorian era as well as dipping out toes into the hunny comb where queen bee lays her eggs. A multitude of swarming busy bees helped to put this collection into production all the hard work has certainly made an appearance. From the peplum styled outward corsets to the frill dress cages, this assortment of garments was sensational. The hunny comb design mixed with a leathery-sheen gave this collection a push to the top. Everything from the booties, to the socks and even the bee keeper visors were fitted and completed to perfection. The totes were marvellous and shinny, each detail was thought through to the very last stitch. All was well in the land of milk and hunny.

x - the *hunny* Collector !

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