In the Buff !


Deck the halls with bra's and thongs.

I have a feeling I will be receiving an email from my mother and father for this one, but sometimes you need to do a little nude blogging. After the Victoria's Secret fashion show a few weeks ago, I began looking, seriously, at the undergarment world. If you knew me, you would know that I find panties and thongs the hardest things to shop for, I can barely get into the store without cringing, but here I am, safe behind my Mac. Anyway, since seeing Miranda Kerr strolling in her, almost, buff, I think I'll be okay to discuss the lingerie world.

The only time I ever go into La Senza is if I have a gift card, so, when I happen to look at the bras and panties of this world it's usually behind closed doors and in the safety of my own home. But I feel like I am free and safe to share my new fave panties, yeee! I never knew boobs were so, difficult. You go into the store to get "fitted" and next thing you know you're hearing numbers and letter co mingling and suddenly you're in something called a cup and straps which equal a bra! CRAZY! I recently got fitted and I spent most of my time giggling awkwardly, the measuring tape was tickling me and the lady was making me laugh, if you can spell awkward, just spell my name, seriously !

Who knew bra's could be so complicated?! Why is being a woman so difficult?

x - the Collector

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