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Thank you Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy for coming together and creating what we know today as the "LBD" (little black dress.) Ever since Hepburn appeared in the first frame of Breakfast at Tiffanies every woman's "go to dress" has been her lethal weapon since then. Black dresses are the perfect way to get noticed when out'n about. They go with every event, any colour and can be warn by anyone, thats what makes them so fantastic. For Christmas parties LBD's are a great way to go, long, short, sparkly, flat, it doesn't matter you will look like a haute mess in your dress and everyone, including the cute guy you've been eyeing, will be drooling over Y O U! Here are some great LBD's that you might want to try.

Nasty Gal


Nothing like an LBD to put you in a good and sexy mood!

x - the Collector

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