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Jamaican born mystery, Grace Jones is one of medias most peculiar individuals, she's a singer/model and actress. She creates authentic dance, reggae, rock, soul, new wave, pop and disco tunes. Jones' acting is fabulous, she dives into each character helping to establish a strong female presence in all her films.

In 1973, Grace landed her first role in Gordon's War where she portrayed a harlem drug courier named Mary. Later in 1977, Island Records picked up on Grace's musical talents and within a short period she released "I Need A Man" and "Le Vie en Rose." Soon she launched two new hits "Do or Die" and "On Your Knees" off her 1978 "Fame" and "Muse" album which released the following year. In 1981, Jones had toured the UK, Continental Europe, Scandinavia and throughout the United States. That same year she was nominated for a Grammy for 'Best Long-Form' music video of the year.

By the early 1980's Grace Jones had created a very distinct look for herself. She'd adopted an austere, stern look with Jean-Paul Goude, (whom she later married) they had created a flat-top, masculine look together, giving Grace Jones her distinguished appearance. At a definitive 5'9" her "cross-dressing" movement caused quite the stir during the 1980's but soon caught on as the years went on.

Grace Jones in one of Jamaica's most interesting characters. Creating her garments from the most incredible materials and taking fashion advice from her surroundings helped to push Grace's career to where it is now. From acting school to becoming the worlds most distinguished persona, Grace Jones is truly the worlds most exciting entertainer.

x- the Collector

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