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I have recently discovered a lovely coffee shop just around the corner from my place. Owned by two Italian men who have a love for pastries,  gelato and good coffee, have decided upon themselves to open Cabbagetown Brew. Yes, it is located in Cabbagetown, and yes it is delicious. The coffee is wonderful, strong but not over barring, the people are relaxed and the chairs are comfortable. There's a hanging chandelier in the window and a Victorian theme running through the shop. Everything in the cafe is made fresh daily,  the sandwiches are delicious and flakey and the gelato is rich and savoury. Cabbagetown Brew will shortly become my new "go-too."

I urge you Toronto folks to stop by, the coffee is hot, the owners are inviting and the treats are tantalizing and melt in your mouth!

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552 Parliment St. Cabbagetown
x - the *coffee* Collector

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