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For some reason there is this unspoken fear that man in Canada seem to have when it comes to dress. Maybe it's because we have rodeos and bars where cowboys and toques are all the rage? Or maybe because we only tend too wear denim. Whatever the reason, it needs to come to an end. 

The rest of the world prefers to be stylish, and you Canadian men seem to think that you have an excuse to not dress decently. You go to New York and fashion reigns freely, walking the streets of Paris, there's couture as far as the eye can see. Everywhere but Canada seems to know what fashion is. 

Style is progression, which is fine, but if women can progress, why can't men? I know, it's difficult to stroll the streets in something you don't feel comfortable in, but trust me; you don't have to wear heels. Only 30 years ago was it considered rude to wear slouchies on the street, now pyjamas are considered normal. 

So, when will you men wake up? The world is advancing, and you, for some reason are standing still, like a deer caught in headlights. Fashion is important, it tells people that you're serious about who you are, it helps reassure that you're confident and that you take yourself seriously. Be conscious of what goes on your back, know what’s in style, if you can read through your textbooks, surely you can read an article or two in GQ to help with your style. 

Canadian Suit 

There are men's wear designers for a reason. They're not there to simply look at, you wear it too! If women can have children, keep the house, cook, clean, have a job, and be a taxi driver, you can wear a little Armani. We don't ask for much, love us, dress nicely and help out with the dishes occasionally. Fashion isn't just for women, men can do it too.

x - the Collector 

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