Created in the UK, Topman hit the global fashion realm and exploded into a universal sensation. First known as Topshop, the company developed by clothing tycoons at Arcadia Group, expanding its doors opening Topman, an all men’s boutique consisting of the world’s best, and most creative collection of male predominant attire. Created in the 1970's Topman holds fast to their vintage roots in that the suits and jackets carry a similar feel to those of the earlier era. The clothing store mixes preppy, pretty, elegant and sophisticated into one mass. Everything from sox, to suits, bow ties and gloves Topman is the place to find the perfect accessory or outfit

This season, Topman has exploded into creating an urban rustic feel to both their store, and the collection. Featuring grunge backpacks, in different materials and colors, graphic prints help to add an assortment of texture and body to the line. As you may know, bow ties are huge this season, and Topman dared not miss the opportunity to showcase their wide selection of beautiful bow ties in honor of the 1950’s comeback.

Remember walking through The Bay as a child, it always remind me of my grandmother, but over the last 5-10 years The Bay has stepped up their game and have begun to create a name for themselves among the younger generation. The Bay has recently opened its doors to designers and companies that don't smell like grandma. Expanding in order to feature fantastic designers such as Alexander McQueen, Pink Tartan, DVF, Burberry, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and you guessed it, Topshop/Topman. Now, we can stroll through the doors of The Bay and be pleasantly surprised when we see the beautiful glowing Topman sign beckoning us to come in and purchase from the worlds most fashionable and jolly label.

x -the Collector

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