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The best thing about winter is having the privilege of wrapping up in tones of layers, crawling onto your favorite couch with a book in hand. Oversized sweaters are the best, being able to curl up in something large and warm makes fall/winter the most luxurious season of the year. Many of your favorite fashion houses are supporting the sweater weather cause and have assembled a collection of creative and authentic knitwear.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of my favorite seasonal designers, he creates heavy, durable, cozy sweaters using the best color pallet to help create the most eclectic and funky collection. Using the ever changing colors of the season, Tommy Hilfiger captivated our hearts with his comfortable knitwear for autumn winter 2012/2013.

Tommy Hilfiger 
Shopping at Zara brings me so much joy,just thinking of walking through the vibrant, colorful store makes me giddy with excitement. This year cable knit and twist knit peplum sweaters are just what you need to get you out of the house and showing off your amazing selection of cozy gear. Coming in a multitude of colors, there is no excuse to not own one, or four.

H&M is a great place for students and lower income individuals, me included. They have a wide selection of top-notch gear for the fearless fashionable individual that you are. The great thing about H&M is they have pieces in their store that are just a little bit out of the ordinary. Jackets, sweaters, scarves, mits all for the crazy; don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I have recently fallen in love with Topshop, and needless to say this love can’t be broken. The best thing about the store, is the prices, and the staff, but the prices for the most part. They sell well-maintained comfortable clothing, for the diverse shopper in every house hold. Never fear, Topshop is here, and with locations in The Bay world wide, don’t hesitate to check out this wonderful store. Apart from being a wonderful, well-maintained store, they sell incredibly functional knitwear for the cooler season. The best thing about winter is strolling through Topshop to see the crazy and amazing fabrics the buyers have chosen to help create a diverse boutique full of never-seen-before get up!

This autumn winter, you have no excuse to not own a cozy, comfortable, well groomed wardrobe. Complete with authentic, relax wear, perfect for going shopping, or to Starbucks for an afternoon coffee with the girls. Now, find what sort of style you’d like to incorporate into your closet and get out there and shop. There is a boutique calling your name, run to her open arms.  


ZARA skirt  ZARA sweater
x- The Collector 

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