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Ever grazed through a fashion magazine, looking at all the lovely pictures of the glamours models in incredible (expensive) garments? Yes, well, I recently fell in love with couture and haven't been able to stop drooling over it since.

Alexander McQueen passed away in 2010, but left the company and title to the lovely Sarah Burton. Since she has taken over the label, she has added her own feminine touches. We're so excited to see how far she'll take the collection, but the best thing about Sarah, is she's a couturier, meaning she designes CRAZY, AWESOME, WILD clothing for the crazy fashionable flouncy female.

When I hear the name Vivienne Westwood, I almost always picture shoes, but I always forget she designs couture. Some of the pieces she creates are a little less then tasteful but who's to say what fashions should look like, it's all in the eye of the beholder.
V. Westwood

John Paul Gaultier, is one of my favorite designers. I love what he creates and although I am not crazy enough to try any of his creations, I can, most certainly, stop and stare. JPG has an eye for using dark hues, and haunting textures season after season. His runway performance is always exciting, never a dull moment, if you will.

Some of my favorite fashion to watch is Haute Couture. Just the title alone sounds amazing, but it's what the designers create that keeps buyers and fashionista's coming back for more. Dior, Chanel, Valentino and Armani are some of personal favorite haute couture collections. This season, the designers have realized that the chilly weather is going to be colder than usual, so they've created collections to accompany us into winter.

I hope through this blog post, it's helped open your eyes to all the different types of fashion. Yes, the clothing we wear on a regular basis would be called 'ready-to-wear' or 'pret-a-port.' Grad dresses, wedding gowns, and evening apparel would be considered couture, and the crazy stuff Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness wear, would be called Haute Couture. Fashion has so many levels, it's important to investigate them all. Have fun, good luck.
Givenchy. Resort 2013

Lady Gaga


Daphne Guinness 



x - the Collector 

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