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I wish I could say that everyone in the world dresses well, but unfortunately that's not the case. However, the poorly dressed makes my job, as a fashion blogger, so much more interesting. I wish so badly to drown on and on about how well these men dress and how they make the world a better place, but who wants to read about that.

1. First we have the crazy and hilarious; LMFAO. There style is just that. Do you remember those sad 1980's work out video's? Well they live one daily, however they aren't 'sexy' but they know it, so here at number one is Stefan Gordy and Skyler Gory.

2. He has more tattoos then skin, but never the less he's a decent rapper, although he is auto tuned. He spends more time in and out of jail but he makes me laugh, he's style is hideous but adds something to the music world.

3. YOUUUU have no style, but that's okay because you give me something to write about. Not only are your clothes 5 times your size but the shades with your name on them make you look dorky and ridiculous  never mind though, your songs have good beats but Soljah Boy, go home!

4. You and Katy Perry were lovely together, but the 30 second marriage was interesting to watch. Russel Brand, who dresses you, and whoever it is, they should probably turn the lights ON when they're choosing an outfit. Interesting choices just make them in the light of day instead.

5. Well. I. Am disappointed. I love Black Eyed Peas, but I am so disappointed with the sci-fi look. Sure it's eclectic and 'out their' but maybe we should try some designer wear, there are so many high fashion individuals that can make you look so much more....uh, better. I am a little put off Will.I.Am.

6. You most certainly plundered during the battle and you defiantly lost the war. What were you thinking? Fashion is important, it's no wonder I have never heard of you or your music, you're not interesting to look at. Oh, um, Will Young, step up your game.

7. At the age of 34, you should NOT be in leather, only unless it's behind closed doors. It's hard on the eyes and scary to see. I don't listen to the Scissor Sisters, but I wouldn't if I had to watch Jake Shears roll around stage in his current get up. *GASP!*

8. You were amazing when my mother was growing up, but now that she's no longer listening that doesn't give you the right to continue to wear the same outfits. Such incredible talent silenced by your hideous style. Mr. Rod Stewart, what are you doing, fire your stylist.

9. WEEE, I get it that you have to play a nerd in your show, but carrying it onto the red carpet just invites bad reviews. Kevin, you're cute, granted, but your style is certainly not. Get a hair cut, add some vintage then we'll talk, until then, I'll continue to enjoy my nights reading Vogue and not watching Glee.

10. Yes I know you're a fashion blogger, and yes, you're famous, but I personally hate your style. For one, wearing women's clothing is weird, it can be done, but it should be done tastefully. The Alexander McQueen shares are amazing but you butchered them, now I can't watch the collection because all I see is you, and that's not a pretty sight. Sorry, you loose.

x - the collector

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