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Crazy, Hip, 80’s is It
I hope I am not the only one to notice that the 80’s is making a hip come back. Designers are taking this most haynes era to the maximum level. Although Gene Simmons hasn’t come out with any new work out video’s, the work out gear is making a second round. Recently I took the time to catch up on some of my favorite 80’s videos; Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, and watch episodes of Saved by the Bell, I thought to myself that it was time to do some writing on what’s going on in the fashion world around us.

Narciso Rodriguez has designed using a retro theme, some dresses featured color blocking and gave way to an icy collection for Khol’s. One of Bouriad Karim’s dresses carries an elegant fringe trim that gives a sublet yet classy hint towards the bulk era. There is an incredible website devoted to all things vintage, retro, chic and glamorous; Nasty Gal carries everything ace. Dresses with cut outs, sunnies with oil hued lenses, floral dresses and jackets of every variety.

This season is totally cold; we’re seeing checkered jackets, stripped pants, long toe shoes, heavy bangles, gold pants and psychedelic eyewear. This dag spanky season has designers, store owners and street mavens pulling out their old scrunches. I have a feeling this will be a dyno year.

Louis Vuitton

x- the *dank* Collector

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