Some of the worlds most attractive men are also the world most style sophisticated as well. From sitting front row at fashion weeks, to playing touch on the pitch and even causing teenage girls to toss their panties, these men are what you would call 'stylistically delicious.'

1. My first drool worthy man has a movie named after him, a wife who's gone from cheering fans to raving fashion debuts and has even shared a bench with the fashion queen herself, Anna Wintour. Here, at number one; David Robert Joseph Beckham.

2. Next, we have the adorable Zac Efron, who won our young hearts when he starred as Troy Bolton on Disney's 'High School Musical.' Zac has a very laid back California enthused style. He's sophisticated but adds some scruff to his look making him one of the worlds biggest heart throbs.

3. I could watch CW's 'Gossip Girl' just to stare at the lovely Ed Weswick. His style on screen is a very preppy upper class man, when off screen he can be spotted in deep v-necks and slouchy cardigans and cozy toques.

4. Next we have Justin Bieber. Born in Canada, he helped to bring recognition to this great country. His music is interesting but it's his style that has middle school girls linning up for day's just to get a sneak peak. He's young and fresh and his light brown eyes causes us ladies to ohh and aww.

5. Although their music makes me regret eating a taco for lunch, he looks cute doing it. Harry Styles is one of 5 cuties from the Irish-British band 'One Direction.' I am hoping and praying that the group fizzles out and he breaks out into the fashion world, but I'm not holding my breath.

6. Oh GUSH !! British accent, sultry blue eyes, plays along side the nutty and giggle prevoking Robert Downey Jr. Yup, you guessed it; Jude Law. He's smart, he's fashionable, and tasty. He's a wonderful actor, with wonderful style. He can make any girls heart sing for joy.

7. Although he hasn't done anything to better the world, except make tabloids money, Scott Disick makes me laugh. He's a billionaire with a fashionable twist, he's preppy and eager to please. Kourtney and Scott give television a fashionable spin and although they have done nothing to improve the planet, they offer smiles to the sad.

8. My sister bought me his 'Justified' album while I was in the 3rd grade and since then, Justin Timberlake has been my favorite celebrity. He starred along side my celebrity crush, Anton Yelchin in 'Alpha Dog', and since then J.T has been on my mind. He's stylish, she's sexy and he can dance. He's certainly bringing sexy back.

9. From the Mickey Mouse Club to falling in love with Rachel McAdams in 'The Notebook' Ryan Gosling has made every women on the planet, me included, long for his warm embrace. His relaxed style and comforting smile makes him a hit on the fashion radar.

10. Last but not least, my brother Usher. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh My Gosh, he is a beautiful man. He can dance, he can sing and he loves flowers. He is the perfect man for the perfect woman, and his style is a mix of ghetto streets meats New York, it's an excellent mixture of hip hop and urban, you can't go wrong!

Well, that was enjoyable, if I do say so myself. I love a man who can dress well. Sweat pants and pajama's are meant to be warn around the house with the curtains drawn. Fashion is about telling people a story, it's something that should be taken seriously, your job depends on it, your style says a lot about who you are. Male of female, your fashion is important. Some of Hollywood's best dressed men are Hollywood's most predominate tycoon, your style says a lot.

x the Collector. 

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