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Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the store was mostly known for their designing in outdoor equipment. Fitting Ernest Shackleton for his voyage to the south pole in 1912. By 1901, Burberry had established the 'Equestrian Knight' as their logo and continue to use it today. Burberry's fall-winter 2012/2013 collection designed by Christopher Bailey is superb. The trench coats and jackets were strong and as brilliantly tailored as ever.

Christopher Bailey can design the perfect trench coat. The newest collection shows elegance and femininity.  This season Bailey added a touch of masculinity, giving the jacket and the trench a more military feel, adding bulging pockets for an overall sensual look. My top three coats and trenches for this season is the 'Wool Peplum Trench' starting at $4,195. This trench is light brown with white buttons, a color pallet that would work perfectly in my closet. My second is the 'Stretch Tweed Ruched Collar Jacket,' I love the dappled grey and the black bow. The tweed gives the jacket strength and the bow adds a subdued appeal, perfect for the upcoming rainy season. Third the 'Oversized Lapel Bomber Jacket,' in deep brown with white buttons, this jacket is perfect for a woman with a tomboyish look, it goes with any outfit and can stand up well in the cold. This season the collection carried the look of a strong business savvy woman, a woman who knows how to humble herself but can also stand up for what she knows is right. It's the perfect collection for this upcoming autumn winter.

There were two types of bags on this season's catwalk. First the 'Orchard,' either in suede or napped leather. This bag looks sensational, robust and simple. Perfect for an afternoon stroll in the park or dinner on the veranda. The color pallet is perfect for the entire day and would blend nicely with any outfit. The second bag the 'Barrel' and yes it's shaped like a barrel. Either in nubuck leather or jacquard material, brilliant for giving your ensemble a little extra flare.
the Barrel

the Orchard

In 1955, Burberry was sold to the Great Universal store, excelling in worldwide marketing. The company took the English outdoor equipment store and turned it into an international success. With the design team captained by Christopher Bailey, the store that once assisted Ernest Shackleton on his trek to the north pole, continues to create plush trench coats for the noble and prestigious buyers of today.
Sonam Kapoor, Jessica Michibata, Poppy Delevigne, Clemence Posey in Burberry

Oversized Lapel Bomber Jacket $2,595

Wool Peplum Trench $4,195 
Tweed Jacket, $2,595

Rosie at Burberry 

Jessica Wilde in Burberry

Ed Westwick and Christopher Bailey

Rosie carrying the A/W Orchard

x the Collector

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