Brave the Weather


‘Brave the Weather’ wants to capture your heart and send it sailing. Raymond Gourlay and Dane Letourneau are two men who fully understand the profound impact of music. The structure of their melody and crisp tenor of their voices speaks to the inner man where the joy of music lifts the soul. When it comes to song writing, Dane and Ray co-write together; bouncing ideas from each other in order to captive both the imagination and your heart with their lyrics. The secret to writing successful songs is to speak genuinely from the heart and finding root in one another’s inspiration. For 8 years I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Raymond preform with our church worship teams. You will always find Ray in great spirits; the love of God is evident within him. Dane also has a heart to serve the Lord and finds joy in creating music. He was classically trained as a child and grew into his love of music, now he finds delight in playing with and for others. From the moment I meant him I wanted to know more. Both these men harmonize beautifully; and their lyrics are easy to understand. When you’re listening to them live, they play off each other, frequently making eye contact and arranging their vocals to suit each other perfectly. The over all experience is intimate and casual. Whether in a coffee house, a barn or in the middle of the ocean, ‘Brave the Weather’ will capture your heart and send it sailing.

Short interview

Erica: What are you most excited for?: 
D: “Traveling, finding secret hideouts around North America and developing friendships along the way. Also, playing for people you’ve never met before and seeing their reactions to our music. Learning how to tour, being uncomfortable in new surroundings and taking risks."

Erica: What are you dreading?
R: "Endless hours in a van" *big sigh.

Erica: Best memories of each other.
R: "Well, we met at a Switchfoot concert 5 years ago in Spokane Washington and from then on we’ve been incredible friends"
D: "Hanging out and making organic salad and talking about girls."

Catch all the action from Dane’s tour blog:

photo's by Rachel Bosch

Happy touring

x- the Collector

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