The Devil Wears Prada


 The Boss

Anna is known for two things 1) her uncanny intuition in the fashion world and 2) her pageboy bob and sunglasses. Anna has an exceptional eye for fashion trends and can spot incredible talent from miles away. In 1988, Anna became editor and chief for Vogue US, since then she has become known as "Nuclear Wintour" for her demanding yet strong personality. Nevertheless, Anna Wintour has continued to revive the magazine and shape the fashion world.

Growing up in London, Anna, like most, attended private school. She cut her hair into her iconic bob, loosened the hem of her skirt, and began dating men. At 15, Anna got her first job at Biba, an adorable fashion boutique. Later her boyfriend, Richard Neville got her a job as a jr. writer for OZ magazine. In 1970 Harper's Bazaar and Queen merged to create Harper's & Queen, Anna was brought on as an editors assistant and her fashion and journalism career took flight. In 1975 Anna moved to New York to become a jr. editor for Harper's Bazaar US. From 1975-1981, Wintour was in and out of editorial positions. By 1985 she was now the editor for  Vogue UK, she fired many of the staff, hired a new assistant, where she gained her unruly nickname as "Nuclear Wintour." In 1987 Anna returned to New York and took over House & Garden, within a few months the magazine began too loose a significant number of readers and became known as House & Garment, the magazine had lost its concept and many long standing advertisers and readers pulled out. Ten months later Anna became editor and chief of Vogue and brought her gruesome nickname with her. "Nuclear Wintour" fired many staff members, changed the layout and covers and began making underground models household names. 

The Devil Wears Prada
The character of Miranda Preistly was taken from Anna Wintour. She's demanding, impossible to please and makes hell look like Miami Beach. Miranda makes enormous decisions on her own on a daily basis while trying to balance a family and run a magazine. She carries a lot of weight on her shoulders. The character of Andrea (Andy) Sacks is based on Lauren Weisberger who worked alongside "Nuclear Wintour" at Vogue.

Anna Wintour and Blake Lively at Chanel

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