Arizona up in Balloons


Who doesn't like going on vacation? I mean it's one of the best parts of growing up, planning your own vacations and going to new places. However, I have done neither of these things, I am here in Arizona on the same "vacation" that I always go on. The best thing about this one is my version of vacationing is that I am here with my parents and they spoil me.

Take for instance my new iPad and Blackberry, I was talking at the dinner table how my "old" Q10 keeps powering down so my dad went ahead and ordered me a Q5 in pink off Amazon. I mean, someone give that man a medal! Another great thing I've exploited is my mother's knack for finding thrift shops and down here in Arizona there are shops every 10 yards (because we're in the States.) So I have spent a fair share of time and her money at the SOS, Sally Anne and Lutheran thrift shops pillaging the racks for jackets, skirts, tanks and my favorite; sleepwear. Check it out and we'll see you next year, same time, same place same thrifting!

oh, yes I went shooting at Shooters World

x - the Collector 

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