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Do you still shave? So why not get the best shave every time?

So, I use what is called a Double Edge Safety Razor, for many of you, you've never heard of this, some of you, your grandparents, or even parents have used one of these, and believe me when I say this but the shave is astronomically better than those Shick, Gillette crap things.

Lets begin with WHY they're so great.

Because you can have different types of handles, different lengths, widths, shapes and weights.


What do you spend average a month on blades, $20, $40 or maybe more? Does that not seem ridiculous? Average cost of razor blades is $1.50 for a pack of 5! So you save $18.50, a month.

"Hold up Erica, this is sounding WAY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!"

Well, it is, a little, but only a little. The cost of the razor itself will start you off at anywhere from $20-$100 for a good one, but when you think you maybe able to pass it down a generation, is $20 really going to make you cringe.

Next, lets talk about the crap in the can I know you're using! Or if you're a cheap skate you may even purchase yours from the dollar store, for Pete sake, DON'T! Reason one, read the ingredients list, reason two, why put something on your skin that cost less than a dollar and expect to have good results! Think about it!

Shave cream can run you anywhere from $4, to $300. so for the sake of most of my readers, lets begin with something around the $20 mark. I say shave CREAM, instead of SOAP, for this reason; easy to lather and quicker. If you would like to spend a few extra minutes, buy a soap and a brush and lather on the puck, but for times sake, and sanity, just buy a cream.

Last but certainly not least, expensive, aftershave. Believe it or not, but this is life or death for shaving and getting the smoothest results! Aftershave is the perfect way to close pours, clean cuts, and protect your skin without drying it. Find something that contains Witch Hazel if you'd like, alcohol based aftershaves are good as well. Don't use an obscene amount, there is no reason.

Stop shaving your beautiful legs, armpits, and lady bits with butane and bad razors. Stop, ingrown hairs, razor burn, irritation and discomfort. Even when your hair begins to grow back, its even softer, smoother and the shave *whispers* lasts longer!

Take it from ME

For shave creams click HERE, HERE and HERE
For razor blades click HERE
For double-edge safety razor click HERE
Aftershave HERE

x- the Collector

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