Dress like the African man Can


Its insane how many people are scared of prints and pattern’s, then there are others who only live in vibrant color; Duro Olowu is one such person! His recent collection for J.C Penny will have you on your knees, your wallets empty and you husband furious, but that’s okay because you’ll look GREAT!
Its clear that his influence stems from his home town in Lagos (in Nigeria.) I mean the floral and tribal prints mixed fresh black and whites, its no wonder JC Penny was on bored! Back in 2004, Duro launched his first collection and immediately attracted a strong fan base; Ikram Goldman, Sally Singer, and Barney’s fashion-director Julie Gilhard to name a few, it's obvious that Olowu has a talent for the vibrant. It’s nice that those of us who make minim wage can afford his pieces, regularly jackets and dresses retail around $1,000, but at JC Penny we can nock a few of those zero’s off!

If you’re ever having trouble mixing prints have no fear; Duro Olowu can show you how. Since his African roots play a big role in his creations you should be okay creating sensational ensembles. Check out your nearest JC Penny; bring your wallet and leave your husband at home, because things are about to get a whole lot brighter!

x - the Collector 

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