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As you may notice I tend to stay away from main stream fashion! I hate the "you can't wear white after labor day" and "we wear pink on Wed" notion. Don't get me wrong- I am not "above" it or anything, I just find it all, well - predictable. For instance, floral for spring, pastels for summer and deep colors for fall. Sure all wonderful in theory but last seasons magazine is the same as this seasons just new words and new photographs, same fashion. That's why street style is so important to me; I love the individuality that comes from street chic. It's "your own thing". If everyone wore black and blue, we'd get sick and never leave our apartment - am I right? For myself, I love vintage and at 19 that's huge. Many of the designers and styles I wear are similar to that of my grandmother and that gives (gave) us something to talk about. Since growing up on a tiny island I got extremely sick of American Eagle, Hollister and Aborcombrie because that's all the "cool" kids wore [believe me it wasn't so cool when they all wore grey cardigans tanks and denim with matching Ugg boots] Honestly that's not style that's 17 Magazine and boring. Now that I'm out of jail it's nice to see a strong use of color, vintage, accessories, leather and floral all season long, it's so refreshing! So here is my proposition to all you mainstream wearers; stop, become your own individual and wear things people wouldn't normal wear. Its exciting, invent an image for yourself and see how fashion / couture, can change you life! 

Gucci in Vegas

ME, the blogger ! 

x - the Collector ;)

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