As Long as I got my Suit and Tie


Fashion, especially in menswear, can be boring; navy blue and black are the only colors men tend to wear. Please tell me I am not the only one who's bored stiff?

Toronto Street style : photo - TL

For spring and summer, suit jackets and khaki shorts are the way to go, but as the weather begins to cool, we have to put our pants back on and head back into chilly weather and indoor heating. Many designers have designed amazing, well tailored and structured suits just for that very reason, and require strong, independent men who aren't afraid of color to put on a brave face and apply some brilliance.
Canali Fall Winter 2013

My favourite collections for this upcoming season are Dolce & Gabbana, Mugler, Louis Vuitton, and Andrea Pompilio; they've all got color and the perfect amount of crazy. When working in an office setting, there is a time and a place for dawning a fucia pink suit and tie, but that would not be the place. But your whole life (hopefully) won't be spent in the office, so maybe it's time to investigate into creating and wearing some crazy and fantastic suits that will stop conversations and turn heads. ;)
Dolce & Gabbana 

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013

Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

< Fall Mugler Spring>
Andre Pompilio spring fall
Andrea Pompilio Spring 2013

I love menswear, but the basic black and navy is making this world a very boring and color free place. By adding a brilliant tie, or a funky patterned shirt you can change your day and appear a little more creative in the office. While the sun is still shinning take advantage of the vibrant colors on the runway. When designers create collection they are thinking of you, so give the creator some piece of mind and dawn we now our gay apparel.
Menswear street style

Color blocking. Gotstyle ;)

x - the Collector 

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